Things to do in Celebration Florida. Your Guide to Adventure

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Top Things to do in 34747 the Town of Celebration

Bicycle Rental and Tours in Downtown Celebration

What to do in Celebration Florida 34747

Things to do in Celebration

Bike-friendly Community Near Disney World  Developed as a planned community by the Walt Disney Company, Celebration was one of the first in the area to show the potential of a bike-friendly neighborhood. The town was designed as a series of neighborhoods,everything within walking distance. The town center  is lakeside and has shops, restaurants, and the Celebration Hotel. The entire community isbikeable, with biking/jogging trails and a nice 1-mile boardwalk through aconservation area.

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Bike rides are one of the best means of bringing one close to nature.  Unlike cars which are designed to isolate one’s senses from nature and the out of doors, bicycles by virtue of their design expose you to nature and ones surroundings.  For those like me who don’t ride for the physical challenge, it can be an exhilarating experience as long as there are no challenging hills.  On level ground one can leisurely bike 20-30 miles with hardly breaking a sweat.  Bike riding is far more enjoyable than walking because you can cover a lot more ground without tiring.  100% of your energy is used for mobility whereas in walking much of your energy is used to support your weight on your feet.  Yet your senses are only inches higher off the ground than walking.  If you want to stop and explorer it is a simple matter with a bike.  You have a lot of reserve energy not expended on carrying your considerable weight.  You can easily travel five times faster than walking and see, smell, hear, and feel your surroundings as intimately as walking without tiring.  It is this intimacy that makes biking such a joy and pleasure.  Even on cold days riding generates enough warmth to feel comfortable.  When in the company of others it is as easy to chat as it is when walking.  So not only do bikes bring one closer to nature they bring people closer to others riding along side or passing by.  Try doing that in a car.  They also allow one to say hi to walkers they pass.  And after a pleasant bike ride people feel more invigorated, energized, and fulfilled.  You cannot gain such fulfillment and engagement in a car.

Town of Celebration

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